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Raw Material

Everywhere at World all users of laboratory glassware know the reliable features of Borosilicate 3.3 glass due to it’s outstanding properties like Alkali resistance, Heat resistant, High resistance to thermal shock, Extreme thermal resistance, & Mechanical strength.

At works of EDUTEK INSTRUMENTAION best available raw material has been used for creating unmatched quality of all laboratory glassware productions. Raw material is directly procured from international prime sources under strict tolerance parameters.  The other characteristics of EDUTEK™ Laboratory Glassware are as under:

Composition : A borosilicate glass is used in Laboratories due to its excellent chemical, physical properties & having no elements of alkaline earth group and free from arsenic, antimony and heavy metals.

Stability : Highly resistant to water and all acids with the exceptions of hydrofluoric acid and hot glacial phosphoric. However, being predominantly a silicate, the glass is attacked by caustic alkali to a measurable extent.

Thermal Shock Resistant : The glass can withstand a high degree of thermal shock, due to low coefficient of thermal expension 33 x 10-7/°C between 0 - 300 °C.

Thermal Conductivity : 0.0027 cal/cm³/°C/Sec.

Physical Properties : The maximum permissible operating temperature for Borosilicate glass is 350 deg.C. Above a temperature of 565 deg. C. The glass begins to pass from the solid to the viscous state. It has a very low linear coefficient of expansion, hence its highly thermal shock resistant.

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